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Soleado: curso de español como segunda lengua para adultos
Your students will love learning Spanish the Soleado way! In just 20 to 30 hours of classes, they will be conversing and interacting in Spanish.

Classroom-tested in continuing study courses by universities, colleges and school boards, Soleado is fast-paced and entertaining. The course is available in three levels: Módulo 1 - beginner, Módulo 2 - intermediate and Módulo 3 - intermediate to advanced.

Each level comes with a workbook and a mass of online audio, prácticas, glosarios and cultural links.

Check out these 5 videos on Colores on the Estudiantes page: Módulo 1 Unidad 9! And a slideshow on our blog featuring La rutina diaria which covers common reflexive verbs....

Módulo 1

Índice de Módulo 1 [PDF]

Soleado Módulo 2

Índice de Módulo 2 [PDF]

Soleado Módulo 3

Índice de Módulo 3 [PDF]

MÓDULOS: Each unit provides the instructor with a completely prepared class. There are also details about each Módulo and how they work.

ESTUDIANTES: Here your students will find the audio for every unit, along with extra prácticas, links of interest and Spanish-to-English glosarios.

MAESTROS: The free Teacher’s Manual for Módulo 1 is available online. This includes the step-by-step Soleado lesson plans for each unit and lots of ideas for extra activities.

PEDIDOS: Reasonably priced: only $32.95 wholesale for each WORKBOOK (+ GST where applicable). The books can be ordered through this site or online.